The Rusted Cup

1/1/725 3E

The new year is as eerie and quiet as its ever been since Frandel. Burly half-dragons in guard uniforms patrol the streets and dissidents have been disappearing

This is the tavern frequented by non-citizens, adventurers, and out-of-towners alike. It’s not a classy joint in the slightest, and the round tables and chairs lie empty, save for a few trying to drown their sorrows in drink.

There’s a torn piece of parchment tacked to one wall. Closer examination reveals that it is a recruitment flyer for a group called “The March Wardens”, suppsedly charged with protecting the roads and settlements north of the wall. Those interested are instructed to locate Balinor Cadeyrn, apparently their leader, to discuss their employment. Ray denies knowing any such person. A torn square of forest-green cloth marked with some kind of white bird lies on the floor collecting grime.

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