Wilds of Northreach

David and Goliath, the retelling

The most effective way to kill an over-eager monk.

“A warning to those of a short disposition, when traveling in a group, and you have the opportunity to sneak up on a giant, don’t bother…or at least don’t run ahead of the group to play the part of a ‘distraction’ when you don’t need to. Giants can and will throw rocks at you, big ones…ones bigger than you are. And no, you can’t throw them back at the giant. If the opportunity is there, let an archer shoot at the giant from as far away as possible, and let it approach you. If you run ahead of the group, you will get squashed.”


A drunken Balinor, having received a new batch of his special brew from his brother back home, discusses the story with a few patrons of the Rusted Cup:

“Aye, proper engagement tactics demand using the terrain to your advantage. Now, during the war, my squad and I spent about half of our time ambushing supply caravans and troop transports; always facing superior numbers. Guerrilla tactics area a hard thing to teach some of the idealistic young recruits; most of them still believe in “honorable” wars. They learn soon enough. You want to see a massacre? Tell a group of lightly-armored archers to charge a full complement of men-at-arms in plate and chain…
Now most of those were traveling through forests bound for…well, that’s not important… (He shifts uncomfortably in his seat as he abruptly ends the narrative) Suffice it to say, reckless assaults rarely result in the sort of success you get from a well-planned attack. Either way, we’re fortunate that young Master Zane made it out without permanent injury; apparently the local healer patched his legs up quite nicely. The lad’s good to have around in a tight spot. Bloody glad that Shaelem proved himself as a talented tactician. The man has a feel for the flow of battle like I’ve never seen before."
- Balinor Cadeyrn, Ranger of Northreach

David and Goliath, the retelling

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