Wilds of Northreach



I awoke in my stasis chamber, as my makers had intended. If I have been activated, then clearly the worst has come to pass and my makers have need of my services to protect the people in this time of war. As I exited my chamber, though, I observed an odd change to my surroundings. Where the Warforged barracks had made were once in clean condition have now been overgrown with plant life. I begin to go through my diagnostics and my memory, I notice a few problems. For one, it appears my functions have been impeded due to lack of maintenance. While my shield and sword functions are still functioning, it appears that my arcane arsenal compendium and transformations have been left in disarray. I can still access my chromatic cannon, flame launcher, magic missile railgun, and electric hand suppressors, but other functions are inaccessible. I launch a recovery protocol for my arcane compendium. It is successful. I run it in the background. I should be able to access more of my capabilities as time goes on, though it will be a slow process.
The next error I notice is my memory seems to be corrupt. I am only able to access and retain my model name, serial number, and general purpose. I am Guardian model, designation number 2814. My purpose is to protect the townspeople in times of war and act as a protector when people of the town venture forth. I also remember the name of my makers, the Mer’Dwey. Other than that, all other memory is corrupted. I launch another recovery program. Fail. I try again. Fail. It appears that the memory is corrupted beyond recovery. That is unfortunate. Any attempt to learn more about my kind or my makers will have to be done without the use of my backlog. I run a quick scan for any signs of life. There isn’t any. Scanner short circuits. It is irreparable. That is unfortunate. The closest largest signs of life are to the south of my location, in the town of Wyvyndsrilde. Probability is high that I can gather information there.
I make the long trek south towards Wyvyndsrilde. As I head towards the town, I noticed a lot of places inhabited by humans. Likewise they seem to be extremely interested in me. They stand in awe as I walk through the gates. Odd, it is almost as if they had never seen one of my kind before. I walk to what would be the garrison. I knock and enter. The guard behind the desk looks in shock and awe. I greet him, but it appears that none speak the language of my makers. I switch to the tongue they call ‘Common’. I tell him that I have come to help in response to my activation and to aid the town in the war. However, the guard tells me that the war ended. I further inquire and find out that I was activated late. I am over 2000 years late. My makers are gone. The guard tells me the town now goes by the name of Northreach. He calls for the Grand Wizard. He walks through a Dimension Door. He tells me that they the descendants of my makers. I cannot confirm or disprove this, so I adjust my protocol to protect these people. He takes me to a training facility where I show him my current capabilities. He then asks me to help him discover the answer the behind the disappearance of my makers. While I can respect his intrigue with my makers and I too am curious as to how my makers disappeared, it is clear that my main purpose right now is for the people. I tell him this, though he seems too excited to hear me. He then tells me that the town and its people must finalize my duty by a vote. He explains how the people of Northreach are a democracy. This is pleasing to hear, because he explains how everyone has a voice. We arrive at the town square through another Dimension Door.
The whole town is present, though it seems that some people are shoved to the back, while people in more decorative attire are in front. This confuses me, and I call and invite those who are shoved to the back to the front. The people at the front are unsettled by this. I asked the Grand Wizard why this was and he explained that the people up front were ‘nobility’. This concept is that they were born into some sort of aristocratic class that they believe is higher than the other people of this town. I point out that this is rather illogical. One cannot have a system of government where people are above others. Everyone should have a voice. The Grand Wizard then says that they are all citizens, and only non-citizens are not allow a say in political matters. This too was illogical to me. I explain that if one lives in the city, that they are a citizen. A woman laughs out and claps loudly as I bring forth my concerns. The people begin to talk amongst themselves about my debate. I only mean to understand. My purpose is to protect those in the city. Should that not extend to all? The Grand Wizard wishes to discuss this at a later date, as they wish to begin the vote. The wizard asks if there should be any purpose for me other than to solve the mystery of my makers. I interrupt and tell him of my true purpose, to protect the city and its people. It appears that he did not hear me originally. How irksome. So the people vote whether I solve the disappearance of my makers or protect the city and its people. It is a split vote. The same woman who laughed at my arguments earlier cries out that I should be allowed to decide for myself my own fate. I like this person. The crowd agrees. I see the Grand Wizard look a bit disappointed. Therefore, I make the logical compromise. I shall help those who shall venture into the Wilds and search for clues for the disappearance of my makers, and while I am not busy with that I will protect and serve the people who live in this town. The crowd applauds my decision.
After the ceremony. A number of individuals approach me one after another. The first is the short woman who convinced the people to let me chose my own fate. The woman tells me that she agrees with my views on citizenship and nobility. She hands me a pamphlet and asks me to meet her and her compatriots at a tavern called Jen’s. I thank her and make a mental note of it. Next, a man in armor greets me and asks if I would help out from time to time with the town guard. This greatly excites me, as it gives me a chance to perform my function. I tell him that I would be honored and to send for me whenever I am needed. After, a woman in her middle age approaches me and asks me a series of questions that I do not know the answer to. She then asks if I go to church. I told her that I do not know that that is. She explains that she is a part of a religious group and shows me a symbol of a spark. It looks similar to my production symbol- a flaming anvil. She said that her group believes my makers ascended to a higher plane of existence. I tell her I cannot confirm or deny this, seeing as I cannot remember much of my makers. She invites me to their religious services. I make a mental note, as this might be a clue as to what my symbol means. Finally, a well-dressed man approaches me, looks me over in curiosity. I ask him I could help him with anything. He just continues to examine me and then walks off.
Since my duties for the day had concluded, I looked for the largest gathering of people. I find my way to a large boisterous building called the Rusted C_p. I approach the door and have a pleasant conversation withthe man out front. I walk in an approach the man behind the counter and strike up a conversation. He is intrigued by me, and asks if I would like a drink and some food. I do not know if I am capable of such things, but I am eager to try. I give him a coin. However, it appears that my currency, Electrum, is now a rarity. The common currency is now Silver. So much has changed. He mentions that I could take my currency to a collector and get a good rate for it. I make a mental note of it. The man behind the counter and I begin our experiment. I drink the fluid and eat the food that is provided, but experience none of the effects. It appears that I do not need these to sustain myself, although it looks like it does not hurt me either. He the offers me a bed for the night. I choose however to spend the time speaking with the people in the establishment. I wish to know the people I am to protect. I think my time here in Northreach will be well spent.



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