Wilds of Northreach



For the last few days Sunray, the owner of the Rusted Cup, has been allowing me to stay here without charge. I offer him compensation, but he allows me to say for free since I do not require food, drink or a room since I do not require sleep, and because I draw in a crowd. I find this arrangement mutually beneficial, especially since I enjoy speaking with the people in the establishment. Many individuals ask me about my origins and how I operate. I give them as best of an answer as I can give them. I also form a companionship with one of the other regulars at the tavern- a grizzled sailor named Henry. While most people seem to understand that I am an artificial construct, I do not think Henry understands. He often asks me to ‘take of ye armor’, thinking I am in some sort of fancy armor. I do not mind, though. Despite Henry’s misconceptions of my being, I appreciate that he treats me just like he does everyone else. It makes me feel a little less different and objectified.
Today in particular, Henry is trying to convince me to let him give him a tattoo. As stated, I do not think he understands that I do not have skin, but I allow him to carve a sailor’s star into the wood on my inner forearm in exchange for an electrum. As a tired Ray steps down from the stairs, he informs us of a mineshaft nearby that needs to be cleared out. We are warned, however, that there has been sightings of a Wyvern in the area. Henry decides to go. I also decide to accompany him. If the mines are filled with creatures, it may prove to be a potential threat to the city. Before we leave, we recruit the help of a burly fellow in a bear pelt named Boris and a rather morose new individual who had just made her way into town named Celeste. Ray gives us directions to the mines. My compatriots fill up on supplies. Henry in particular purchases a large container of ale, which I am chosen to carry.
On our way out, we notice a funeral precession and burial. Several officials including Titus Verlemon and Varus Marteane are present. Our group stops to listen to the speeches given by Titus and Varus. I look in the crowd and find Sylviya Cerwyn, the half elf woman I met a few days ago at the forum. I ask her what happened. The funeral is for a soldier who died when giving chase to a thief. Boris and I walk up and give my condolences to the family. Henry stays off to the side, impatiently wanting to move on.
We make it out of the city and begin to move forward towards the mines. We make it to one of the land marks, a farm and farmhouse. However upon further investigation of the house, the room had caved in and the family had been killed. From what I could gather, this was the work of the Wyvern that had been sighted in the area. After some debating and noticing that the sun was setting, we decided that I was best to move on and make camp elsewhere instead of staying at the ruins of the house. I make a mental note of this to bring up later to Titus upon our return. No one deserves to be forgotten like that.
We move on near a river and set up camp. Everyone takes a rest while I keep watch in my sentry state. Half way through our rest, though we are attacked by gnolls. We all dispatch them, Henry diving across the river and making quick work of one of the gnolls. The other two are in the water. I use my crowd stun and suppression system and take them out. After the fight, jovial half elf named Cicero who overheard us talking in The Rusted Cup and caught up with us. The rest of the night is uneventful.
The next morning, we make our way across the river. Since the river is deep, I carry everyone across one by one. We cross the swamp and make our way to the base of the mine. Henry tell me to leave his ale at the bottom of the mountain, lest it be damaged in any combat. We make our way up to the mine. We are then ambushed to by bandits. It appears that bandits are the ones occupying this cave. We quickly make work of them and then make our way into the mine.
As we enter, we being fighting with a small group who make their way across a large crevasse by swinging across a rope tied to a stalactite. Boris, Celeste and Cicero make it across. Henry attempts and misses the rope. He falls and would have been impaled by the stalagmites at the bottom of the chasm if not for his quick reflexes and thinking with his roped harpoon. I too attempt to cross, but my weight is not supported by the wooden platform that extends out from the cliff side of the abyss. Our compatriots take care of the far side of the mine, while Henry and I take care of the other. We climb down and dispatch three bandits. One tells me that there are goblins that are occupying these mines and calls for a cease fire. In exchange for the information I attempt to allow one to leave with his life on the condition that he gives up his thieving ways, but Henry dispatches him. He tells me to stop being so naïve, and that he would have probably would have wound up hurting someone. He said that we had a job to clear the mines, which includes the bandits. He also told me to get a cloak. I’m big, scary, and tend to stick out. This hurts. I do not mean to be scary. However, I make a mental note to get one.
We parlay with our party and confront the goblins and their king. At first there is an odd sense of appreciation from the goblin king. According to them, the bandits had taken over the mine that had rightfully belonged to them and rewards us with a few gold coins. Henry and the goblin king take a moment to look each other over, calling each other ‘big nasty’ and ‘little nasty’ respectively. However, when we begin to take our leave, we turn on the goblins. Henry and Celeste go fight the goblins in the main cavern and kitchen area while Boris and I fight the goblin king. It appears that Cicero had left. The goblin king uses his staff to shoot lighting at Boris and I. I hear off in the distance the sizzling of flesh, a goblin screaming, and a hearty mariner shanty coming from Henry. Boris winds up landing the killing blow. I pick up and take the thunder and lightning staff. As we leave, Boris and Celeste tell me a tale of one the mine shafts containing gems and a gas that caused them to eat the crystals. However, since I do not breath, I could venture in unharmed. I walk down the shaft and find the walls covered in amethysts and at the end the silhouette of a humanoid. I recognize this as a failed attempt to create a gem called lich seed. This wizard or sorcerer was attempting to become a lich, but the spell backfired encasing the caster in the gem. I take some samples for the Grand Wizard. Once I return, we make our way back to town.



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