Wilds of Northreach


The story so far...

Northreach, ancestral home of the Northmen, has successfully wrestled independence from it’s former rulers in Hildegaard. This marks the end of a 25 year conflict that began as protests, but escalated in to a full blown war pitting Hildegaard and its allies against Northreach and the opportunistic kingdoms they convinced to join their side (as an opportunity to damage Hildegaard, settle old scores, etc.)
The spark that ignited the region was, Hildegaard claims, increasing unrest and lack of order in and around Northreach. Northmen claim oppressive taxes and policies aimed at marginalizing their culture as the reason they took to the streets. Either way, the cost was great for both sides. Many men never returned from the war.
Hildegaard, once a regional power player, has added a huge debt, had provinces seized, and had nobles turn on each other and the king.
Northreach is also in a hard spot. Being the only democracy on the continent, its existence is an affront to the absolute monarchies that exist on the continent. Furthermore, the exclusionary nature of Northmen democracy puts strains on non-citizens. Those who can vote are caught up in a power struggle for control of the city and it’s resources. Generals who served in the war may have different agendas than the city elders who did not. The city also has to struggle to change its economy from war to peace.
Many people have moved here to start their life in a supposedly superior democracy. Tales of a good life as a craftsman or laborer come out of Northreach, but the reality may vary.
Furthermore, legends of the Wilds beyond Northreach have resurfaced. They tell of a vastly uncharted land where secrets, wealth, danger, and magic abound. More and more, restless adventurers or disillusioned souls are willing to try their luck here.
What will they find?

What will you?



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