Wilds of Northreach

The Slave Pits

Mazgo Allendale's Account

We arrived in the black of night. The two little hobgoblins were nothing but pushovers. To us, more importantly to Akta Karzog, this job meant everything. I did not care so much about the money as her; she seemed to be loving the clink of a full coin purse. Either way, we entered without much of a fight. We continued downward, through the twisting spiral stairs and coming to a small narrow pathway. We squeezed through without much of a complaint, although I did feel my armor scrapping against the rocks. Just got that armor polished too. We pushed forward to see two hobgoblins guarding a wooden bridge.

Soliders are taught to be on their guard went entering new places. It is odd to me to be sneaking around so much, but caution is a priority. Thank Helm Akta led the party deeper into the catacombs. The hobgoblins went down with nothing but a quick shove down a catacomb, and a quicker arrow to the neck. We carefully crossed the bridge, and came across a larger room. The room, plain walled sure, was nothing but a room holding a table. Set, the table held only two hobgoblins while a third hung around. I could tell from Engin’s face that they seemed to arguing about their food or what have you. He smiled a bit and pointed at them. The glance we shared was something I had not seen in a man in a long time. The look of battle and blood. Of spilling it and reveling in it. Of ferocity and power. I smiled.

The battle was nothing short of breath-taking. We knew this would only lead to more trouble, but the thrill of the battle was just to much for me and Engin. Kawsi, the little half-elf child, (what was her name? Can’t quite remember. Only a child to me.), and Akta begrudgingly entered the fray. Making Akta annoyed brought me immense pleasure, and I could see her face from time to time as I smashed a couple of hobgoblin’s faces in.

We came across a door and pressed on and found a spiral stair case downwards, and a large stone door. I started walking across, moving to the stone door. Next thing I knew, I felt a huge fire on my back. I stood there, looking up at hobgoblin’s faces laughing at me through a shaft. Kawsi dosed the fire and I started making my ascent up there. I tied a rope around one of my javelins and stuck it perfectly up the shaft. Needless to say, one hobgoblin made a really hard fall downwards on Engin. Akta, on the other hand, touched the door, and I believe there was something magical about the door. I never got a chance to see, but I did see the hobgoblins coming down from their high perch. I walked over to the rest of the group who were smashing up some crates inside of the room.

I readied my warhammer, and a small platoon of hobgoblins rushed us. I knew one of us would not make it out alive. I turned to see my group in shock. Something was telling me to protect them. Helm. I could hear him right behind me. I stood my ground as Kawsi and the rest defended. I pushed through to create a distracting. I screamed at the party to run as I dodged an onslaught of spears and swords. It was too much, and I was overpowered. I could see Kawsi, out of the corner of my eye, making a dash towards the exit. The half-elf child was behind me, and I told her, “Go. Leave me. I have served my purpose.” I could barely make the room out. I saw Engin fall, and Akta running, and the half-elf child floating up the shaft. I prayed to Helm, but he did not hear me. I fell into blackness.

I woke chained with Engin by my side. I assumed the others had escaped. Me and Engin snapped the rusty chains and found a small door to our left. The hobgoblins were too busy with their spoils to really care about us two. The door bore strange glyphs and was barred on the outside. We opened the door, thinking it would be a way out. It led downward to a large chasm. I could sense the evil within this room. Engin did not feel what I felt. We heard something below, something blubbling. The gentle bubbling turned into gurgling like a man who was about to spit out some water. It sounded of hell, and death. I wondered if we could use this thing to plan our escape. The plan changed when we walked closer to it. The water, black as night, trashed and turned and curled around the bottom. Slowly rising, the water danced around the rocks. I could not see much, but I turned to see Engin running. I followed suit. He barred the door and we climbed out of the caves with the hobgoblins being none the wiser.

It had not occured to me at the time of our escape, but we were both completely naked. Fitting.



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