Wilds of Northreach

The Slave Pits: Enginn's Take

I wonder why the others do not seem to understand me well enough? No matter.

It was night when we arrived. The job in and of itself meant nothing to me it was just something that got me closer to It. Two goblins were in the tree and no one noticed. A fight broke out and the green-skins told me to lay my mother, they did not expect a response. After killing some goblins in the upper levels of the old pits, we found many pots filled with a delicious food. It tasted so wonderful and filling; I was completely shocked no one else wanted to eat some, I wish there was more. – A side note for later, I may go hunting to get some soon – We were forced down into the cave, dealing with those things as we delved deeper into the depths of the slave pits was quick and easy, it wasn’t until we came into contact with the green-skins’ warlord that we had trouble.

The battle was great, it was difficult, and it was long. The Paladin took great damage and went down before anyone else, and told us to “fly” from what I recall but the events are here. I do know the scaled one ran and the little one disappeared, not sure what happened to the horned one. No matter, I do remember going to blows with the warlord who thrashed me into unconsciousness.

I awoke shackled to a wall, the Paladin Mazgo by my side. I watched in a slight daze as he tried to break his chains in between each outburst from the goblins; I followed suit until the ancient links holding us to the wall shattered. We saw a door an rolled to it, our naked bodies covered in ancient grime. We knew not what was behind it, only that something required a glyph sealing it.

Mazgo broke the seal and thrust the doors open. In all my years I have not seen something so horrible. Down below, there was this thing. This Damned Thing. Its blackness consumed all light that touched it, and it was of such great dreadful being that it dragged the water in which it resided with it. Tentacles, those damned black tentacles…I had to run. Never have I ran like this before. It took some moments before I regained enough composure to lock the door. I ran. Oh how I ran…the Damned Thing climbing towards us on the other side. I ran, shouting as loud as I could “The Black Thing comes. The Damned Thing comes!” alerting anything that did not hear our racket to our presence. I didn’t care. I ran passed them. Mazgo ran passed them. I hope the Damned Thing remains behind those doors…it must…it must remain behind those doors…

On our way back to town we stopped, our wrists still shackled. I was able to convince the Paladin to link our bindings as best as we could to break them. Fortunately mine shattered allowing me to move my arms freely; Mazgo was another story as his bindings did not hardly bend and rubbed his flesh even more raw than it had been. We thus walked back to town, bloody, bruised, covered in grime and mud with fractured skulls atop that. I was not unfamiliar with such an injury, but damn does it still hurt. I do not understand why Mazgo was so uncomfortable with our state of dress, personally I found it quite nice and liberating, he on the other hand (albeit not through choice entirely) attempted to cover his “shame” as we drew closer to town.

As we set foot in town people stared at us, wondering from what fresh hell we came from don’t really know why. It was so comfortable! As we sought a place to heal a guard came up to me and said “Ei’der ew pot dis coat on, or ah’ll lock ew’p. Okay?” I ended up being forced to comply. People here are strange. They are very strange….

I have determined that once this abysmal headache ends, I will go hunting. When I go, I think I will take Mazgo or scaled Kwasi, they would like it, they can handle themselves. The little one will be pleased with this. It is a shame that Little Bitch has died. That reminds me…I need a new pelt as all my things were taken. Yeah…I’ll go hunting soon…



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