"It calls my name..."


General Appearance

Enginn stands at 6’3" (191 cm) with a muscular frame, making him stick out as a sore thumb in most situations. What makes Enginn look the part of the barbarian is that not only does he have the height and the muscle, but he has long black hair that is fairly matted and unkempt with a beard that looks as you would expect. He bathes rather infrequently and it is pretty obvious. On top of this Enginn’s most disturbing feature is the generally flat affect of his face. His body has a number of scars, little ones on his hands, large streaking ones on his forearms, ones that look like claw and tusk marks along chest and abdomen, and little nicks on the right side of his face. Enginn weighs 195 lbs (88.5 kg)

Clothing & Gear

Enginn carries with him well worn clothing that often times is tattered and ragged, like you would find with any travelling barbarian, unfortunately for him he hates wearing these clothes and as a result wears them when necessary. Other than his travelling clothes, Enginn wears a brown bear’s pelt which is inseparable from him. The clothing choices (or lack there of) this man makes sometimes gets him in a bit of trouble, but he doesn’t really care so much. Besides his clothes, Enginn carries with him an explorer’s pack with two hand axes which he hangs from his belt and a great sword which makes him look more the part of the barbarian.


At the moment, Enginn the outlander is in the Rusted C_P where he drinks his fill (which may be something of a problem) and participates in fights, enjoying a good tussle. To many his flat affect and disjointed speech make him seem a little…off, potentially touched in the head; this does not bother him at all. Among his most recent feats is fighting another bear-wearing man in the streets of Northreach.


Little is known of Enginn’s life other than that he comes from the Beastlands where the wild things are and dreaded creatures stalk the nights and that he seems to be answering the call of something no one else can hear. People have some theories regarding his past but none of them seem to have the proper answers.


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