Galar Dubh

Knowledge is power


Galar Dubh is a full-blooded and proud High Elf who stands at 6’2" (188cm) and weighs 120 pounds (54.43 kg) thus making him one lanky elf. His hair is white and his eyes like that of yellow gold and his skin ashen and yellow tinted. Galar’s skin is taught and his eyes sunken giving the impression of a living corpse, however, his presence does emit a lordly aura.

Galar Dubh wears rather fine clothes, those which would be found in many an Elfen lord’s wardrobe with a rapier constantly at his side. When the time comes, Galar dons his leather armor and shield, seeming to know when the need arises.


Galar speaks of his past sparingly, but what he will mention is that he is from the city of Sable, the son of a lord in the House of Siliad Dubh. From this tidbit of information there are several natural assumptions that can be made about him are: 1) that he had grown bored of his life of pampered luxury and has sought out adventure; 2) that he is looking for something as all adventurers are; 3) he is running from something; 4) that he is simply traveling for no particular reason. All that can really be said from a first glance is that his beautiful and sunken eyes hold a great ambition which he will not elaborate on.

Some of the many things that make Galar of Siliad Dubh stand apart from those of Northreach include his constant and obsessive yearning for knowledge (even more so than a typical high-elf) and his seemingly calm temperament…which seems to also include cutting people down when he feels himself to be insulted. What makes him just like one of his kinsmen is that his opinions seem unshakable. He also does not seem to be a big fan of “other people” if you catch my drift.

Galar Dubh

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