Céibhfhionn Taika

Not "Just a Tourist"...


An androgynous, 5 foot tall half-elf with rust-colored hair and a lively disposition, Taika covers most of their body with dark grey common clothes and a weather-beaten jacket from their smuggling days.

Taika keeps a quarter staff strapped on t back and a belaying pin on their chest, and a small collection of weapons at their waist with some rope and a pack.


“Raised by my human mother, I grew up among the social rejects of Sable, watching my friends get beaten down at every corner they turned. Nightly, I fell asleep to my mother’s voice as she recounted tales of an elven captain of a Sable naval ship called the Solaris. These tales were of my father.

“I grew weary of being an outcast very early in my life and yearned to meet my esteemed and heroic father. I left as soon as I was able, smuggling aboard a small naval boat headed for a larger port. From there, I smuggled and bartered my way onto larger and larger vessels until finally boarding a trade ship bound for Northreach.”

Céibhfhionn Taika

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