Lord Andalus Aldemirion

"Filthy Peasants, Northreach is Mine!"


Born as the bastard half-elf Pepin Hogwasher, Andalus began with rather disgustingly humble origins in the elven kingdom of Sable. He worked over the next forty years to get out of his filthy peasant life, swearing he would never go back to the fields. His insane intelligence (compared to his peasant village) and extremely charming demeanor allowed him to forge and cajole his way into being a false noble, on his way to Northreach to… ingratiate himself into Northreach’s politics.

By this, he means he wants to be emperor of a new Aldemirion Empire! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA
This way, he can force ALL of the peasants under his rule to serve him, and take over the entire world!

>cue Palpatine voice<


Lord Andalus Aldemirion

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