Mazgo Allendale

Do what is courageous because we must.


Mazgo Allendale is a half-orc paladin. He is often seen with chainmail armor and is carrying javelins and his warhammer. He tends to look more like a orc than the usual human/orc hybrid. From top to bottom, he looks fairly unassuming. Just a big beserker. He has long hair that he is planning on making dreds out of and grey/reddish skin.

On his back, he carries the flag of his platoon. Tattered and ripped, the flag is both his holy symbol and what he took from the war. He uses it to contact his god and as a remembrance of his fallen platoon. The symbol of the flag is a bastardized version of the nation’s flag he fought for.


He started as an acolyte for his current gods. However, as he grew older, Mazgo realized this god was not good enough and wished for something else. That something else happened to be a war in which he was drafted first. Mazgo entered platoon 103rd which were a rag-tag team of misfits. After a large border battle, he was the only survivor. The god that he once despised talked to him and gave him guidance. He followed as the god’s warrior.

After travelling from home to home, he received a letter from the Wilds. The letter was from a member of his platoon urging him to go to the Wilds. Now, Mazgo is on a mission to find his platoon member and ask him why he sent the letter in the first place.

Mazgo Allendale

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