Nicodemus Amblecrown

"I can take down any beast with my bare hands"


He is the pinnacle of strength and power of all living things, or at least he likes to think he is. Nicodemus is an aasimar with golden eyes, long blonde hair, bright white teeth, a glowing halo behind his head. He always dons the most ornate armor he can find and wields a massive gold and silver war hammer.


Nicodemus hails from Westbridge Con-Imperium. He is a part of a long line of aasimar nobles. He does not care for the politics of being a noble, all he cares about is spreading his own fame as the most powerful being alive. He takes pride in taking down the biggest and baddest creatures he can find. After hearing about Northreach and the expansive Wilds he decided to leave his family home and travel there to stake his claim as the “Conqueror of the Wilds”.

Nicodemus Amblecrown

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