Guardian 2814

A colossus of metal and wood


A mysterious hulking behemoth of metal and wood with glowing green eyes, Towering at 6’7" and weighing in at almost 300 lbs. He was last seen in a chain mail shirt with a large shield on his left arm and a long sword that is somehow sheathed inside his right arm. Reports say that there is a carving on his left shoulder of a flaming anvil, along with the serial number ‘2814’.
Carved into the wood on his inner left forearm is a sailor’s star


Guardian is a Warforged construct, created by the Mer’Dwey to protect the people in times of war. He was to be activated in case of war. He was activated, but 2000 years too late. Now in present times, he made his way to the town of Northreach, where he was given the task of protecting its people, venturing into the wilds, and helping to solve the mystery of the disappearance of his makers.

Memory Logs:
Journal 1
Journal 2

Guardian 2814

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