Zane the Monk

Halfling of monkiness


Str: 11 (0) (Saving)
Dex: 18 + 2 (Halfling) (
5) (Saving)
Wis: 18 (4)
Con: 13 + 1 (Stout) (
Cha: 12 (2)
Int: 15 (
AC: 10 + dex + wis (unarmored defense) 19
HP: 8 + ( con+5)*lvl = 36
Speed: 25 + 10 (monk) = 35
Acrobat: + 5 + 3 (prof)
Animal Handling: 4
Arcana: +2
Athletics: 0
Deception: +2
History: +2
Insight: +4
Investigation: +2
Medicine: +4
Nature: +2
Perception: +4
Performance: +2
Persuasion: +2
Religion: +2
Sleight of Hand: +5 +3 (prof)
Stealth: +5 + 3 (prof)
Survival: +4

Weapons prof: Simple, short sword
Tool prof: Disguise Kit, Thieves’ tools
equipment: Small knife, map of the city you grew up in, pet mouse, a token to remember parents by, common clothes, 3 quarterstaffs (2 magical. 1 with waterbreathing. 1 that splits into 2) enchanted dagger that so far only hurts with intent to kill (not when just testing) A riding horse, bit and bridle, tailored saddle, moth eaten monk robes, the necklace of Duran Oakenshield, 8 gold rings.
Weapons: Unarmed
3 quarterstaffs (two enchanted)
2 daggers (one enchanted)
Armor: Unarmored

Martial Arts:
While unarmed:
Use dexterity instead of strength for attack and damage of unarmed strikes and monk weapons
Can roll a d4 in place of normal damage of unarmed strike or monk weapon. This changes with level.
When using the attack action with an unarmed strike or a monk weapon on your turn, you can make an unarmed strike as a bonus action.

Ki: 5
Ki save dc = 8 + prof bonus + wis (15)
Flurry of blows: after the attack action you can spend 1 pointto make two unarmed strokes
patient defense: You can spend 1 point to take the dodge action as a bonus action
Step of the Wind: Spend 1 point to disengage or dash as a bonus action and jump distance is doubled for the turn

Unarmored Movement:
Speed increases by 10 feet while not wearing armor or wielding shield.

Monastic Tradition: Way of the open hand
Open Hand Technique:
Whenever you hit a creature with one of the attacks granted by your Flurry of blows, you can impose one of the following on the target:
It must succeed a dex saving throw or be knocked prone.
It must make a strength save, if it fails you can push it up to 15 feet away
It can’t take reactions until the end of your next turn.

Deflect Missiles:
Use reaction to deflect or catch a missile when hit by a ranged weapon attack. When you do, the damage is reduced by 1d10+dex+lvl. If the damage is reduced to 0 you can catch the missile if small enough for you to hold in one hand and you have at least on hand free. if you catch a missile in this way, you can spend 1 ki point to make a ranged attack with the weapon or piece of ammunition you just caught, as part of the same reaction. You make this attack with proficiency, regardless of your weapon prof. It counts as a monk weapon.

Lucky: When you roll a 1 on attack, ability, or saving throw, you can reroll the die and must use the new roll.

Brave: You have advantage on saving throws against being frightened

Halfling nimbleness: you can move through the space of any creature that is of a size larger than yours.

Stout Resilience: Advantage on saving throws against poison and a resistance against poison damage

City Secrets:
Can travel through a city at twice speed

Slow fall: reduce damage from falling by 5* monk level

Stunning blow: Spend a ki, opponent gets stunned until your next turn.

Extra attack


Height: 3’2 weight: 49lbs
Background: Urchin
Trait: I bluntly say what other people are hinting at or hiding
Ideal: I’m going to prove that I’m worthy of a better life
Bond: No one else should have to endure the hardships I’ve been through, and I’ll give my last penny to ensure that.
Flaw: Gold seems like a lot of money, and want more.

From a young age, Zane was homeless. He survived by taking alms from the local monasteries. He would also watch the monks training, though was forbidden practicing with them, as he had not made the same oaths as they did. However, he practiced on his own at nights, in the dark of the alleys.

Due to his race, he has always been short, and more than one robber have thought him to be a helpless child. When he was still new to martial arts, he was still quite helpless, especially against large groups, but after some time, he was able to stand up against even some of the corrupt guards.

One day, Zane witnessed a group of robbers holding up a merchant. The day before, the merchant had denied Zane even the leftover and moldy bread as food, but Zane still stepped up to fight off the robbers. When the merchant offered him a reward, Zane refused, saying “One should not provide a reward for good deeds done, but should do good deeds themselves.” He then turned to leave, but bumped into the personal body guard of a Noble. The body guard had seen the act, and offered to introduce Zane to the noble to potentially work for him. Zane initially refused, but after days of constant contact, he agreed to work for the Noble for a specific job. He was to go with a bard to hunt down some people who were posing a threat to the noble (while at the same time hunting the man who killed the bard’s troupe.

Zane is now on his way into Northreach, following a rumor that the offenders are in the area, though this may not be true. He hopes to use his time in the area to assist anyone who is treated poorly, and to promote equality for the poor and underfed.

In his time in Northreach, Zane has grown a lot, in maturity. He has a permanent room at the rusted cup (though may be upgrading), has been on several life threatening adventures, in which he’s bumped into banshees, whites, bandits, wargs, a goblin warparty, and gnolls.

In his first adventure, Zane went out with a politician, a bard, and Hoxton, oh and a rogue who got caught by a hobgobling war party on the way, to an ancient monk temple. There, they came across a banshee and a strange telescope. Beyond that, they found the head monk’s room, where Zane took some moth eaten robes off a dead body, and a large sum of money, which he split evenly among the party as best he could (kept a single gold piece extra for himself because he couldn’t split it). They then walked into a large library, in which they found 3 undead monks, all had become whites and it was more of a challenge than anyone was ready for! But, thanks to some quick wit from the bard, one was set ablaze, and Hoxton managed to cut the others down mostly by himself. The group found another banshee, but opted to avoid this one after it screamed at them. The party went back to the telescope, and Zane decided to take the front lens out of it, which freed the first banshee from a terrible curse. Each member of the party was granted one question by the freed elf, the information Zane gathered was that he would travel far and wide to be a representative of the people who could not fend for themselves. Once this was over, the group left, having finished their ‘quest’ and began heading back home. On the way, they stopped to try to save the rogue and a couple other prisoners from the goblin warband. The bard turned totally invisible and went in on his own. He managed to save one of the other prisoners, and the rogue died honorably as a distraction…turns out the saved man was a criminal, or at least he thought he was. No one knows what became of him once he was turned in to the guards. In this time, Zane managed to tame a warg! Or at least get it to let him ride it. They traveled through a marsh, and found a wishing well. They’d seen it on the way out to the monk temple too, and Zane made a wish on the way to and from the temple. The first wish was to have the means to end the suffering of the people. The second was the protect the suffering. Back in town, Zane was not permitted to keep his warg, so he had to get it stabled. It ran away the next time he took it out.

On Zane’s second adventure, he went out with a ranger, sorcerer, and barbarian to find the tomb of Duren Oakenshield (after discovering that a shield he’d traded for was in fact NOT magical and was sure the real magic shield was at the tomb). They traveled for days to get to the tomb, only to find it occupied by some bandits. After an initial conflict, Zane managed to bring peace (temporarily) between the two parties. His own party, minus himself, went out to collect a healing poltice for one of the wounded members of the other group. During this time, the group gave Zane a tour of half their home, even offered to let him stay with them if he abandoned his own group. Zane refused at first, but decided he would, under the condition that if the other group came back and got aggressive for no reason AND the bandits killed them. The bandits, being the sly group they were, set up an ambush, and used one of their members to antagonize the group into an attack. The bandits were then slaughtered. There was a single bandit that Zane decided deserved a terrible death rather than a quick one. He took the unconscious body of the only one who claimed to ‘like the lifestyle’ and dragged him into Duren’s sounds sarcophagus. Stole all the bandit’s gear, then closed it almost shut on him, before using a ring of siren summoning to feed the bandit to a siren. The cries and laughter of the boy could be heard for quite a distance away. Half of the group went out in search of one of the bandits who managed to escape, but the barbarian and Zane stayed to finish clearing out the dungeon. They killed two more bandits, then waited for the rest to come back. Once they were together again, they went up to Duren’s actual tomb, where Duren lay on the ground in his golden armor. Zane thought nothing of it, and started to remove Duren’s necklace…which caused Duren to spring to life as another white, much stronger than the first three had been. The group worked together and dropped a statue on Duren to pin his legs, then gradually burned and stabbed him to re-death. They waited for the fires to go out, then Zane began to remove Duren’s golden armor and necklace while the others went on to continue exploring.

Zane the Monk

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