Wilds of Northreach

Thief on the Loose, Presumed Dead
Honorable City Guard Murdered

This afternoon, an unknown thief crashed through the upper window of the finest establishment in the city, The Butchered Drake. In his possession was nearly one hundred gold pieces, keys, and important documents belonging to the owner of The Butchered Drake, Cyrus Kerwaith. Mrs. Kerwaith was sleeping in bed when the vagabond pilfered the strongbox of the inn, and sprang through the window.

After being chased by a guard of the City Watch, the thief presumably threatened to shoot the chasing guard with his crossbow, and jumped into the city canal to escape. The noble guard jumped in after him, and managed to cuff the thief in the river. The thief somehow escaped, and the guard was rescued by some onlookers. Other members of the city watch began to shoot at the escaping rogue, supposedly wounding him. Another guardsman hit him with his pike. After reportedly playing dead, the scoundrel jumped into a sewer tunnel.

Captain of the City Watch, Titus Verlemon, was on the scene to lead the hunt for the rogue through the ghoul-infested sewers. When asked to comment, his only response was “I HATE THESE DAMN THIEVES! GET THE HELL DOWN THERE AND FIND HIM!” as he raised his sword and charged off. In the sewers, Private Merric, who was part of the search, was found brutally murdered in cold-blood by the thief. May the gods rest his soul. Private Merric’s funeral will be held tomorrow in the front square if anyone would like to pay their respects. Merric leaves behind a wife and four children. Please help them with any food or donations you can spare.

The Butchered Drake has apparently been restituted with the stolen money and paperwork, though the body of the rogue has not been released to the public. The guardsman who found the rogue confirmed that he had been eaten by ghouls in the sewers. Serves that criminal right, The burial of the body was left up to a strong and seaworthy sailor.

Now that this shocking scene of crime has come to an end, Captain Verlemon has announced a new series of curfews and crackdowns on all suspicious looking personages in the city, and that watches will be doubled until further notice. Respect the law, and Hail Northreach.

The story so far...

Northreach, ancestral home of the Northmen, has successfully wrestled independence from it’s former rulers in Hildegaard. This marks the end of a 25 year conflict that began as protests, but escalated in to a full blown war pitting Hildegaard and its allies against Northreach and the opportunistic kingdoms they convinced to join their side (as an opportunity to damage Hildegaard, settle old scores, etc.)
The spark that ignited the region was, Hildegaard claims, increasing unrest and lack of order in and around Northreach. Northmen claim oppressive taxes and policies aimed at marginalizing their culture as the reason they took to the streets. Either way, the cost was great for both sides. Many men never returned from the war.
Hildegaard, once a regional power player, has added a huge debt, had provinces seized, and had nobles turn on each other and the king.
Northreach is also in a hard spot. Being the only democracy on the continent, its existence is an affront to the absolute monarchies that exist on the continent. Furthermore, the exclusionary nature of Northmen democracy puts strains on non-citizens. Those who can vote are caught up in a power struggle for control of the city and it’s resources. Generals who served in the war may have different agendas than the city elders who did not. The city also has to struggle to change its economy from war to peace.
Many people have moved here to start their life in a supposedly superior democracy. Tales of a good life as a craftsman or laborer come out of Northreach, but the reality may vary.
Furthermore, legends of the Wilds beyond Northreach have resurfaced. They tell of a vastly uncharted land where secrets, wealth, danger, and magic abound. More and more, restless adventurers or disillusioned souls are willing to try their luck here.
What will they find?

What will you?


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