Northmen Culture

Culture at Societé af Northreache

The people of Northreach have many long and respected traditions that may seem peculiar to the foreigner at first glance.
The most obvious is their traditional dress, the Bíal. The Bíal is a colorful outer garment made of fur, and thin wool, with silk additions to denote status. It wraps around both shoulders and drapes down to cover most of the chest and back. An optional face covering can be used, especially in the winter.
Furthermore, many city elders may use cloth a headdress when in public.

The second thing to become apparent is Northreachers penchant for public debate or literary performance. This is steeped in the religion of Northreach, which emphasizes argument and literary pursuits.
This translates directly in to the noticeable passion people attach to politics.

Theatre is also a popular form of entertainment.
Fur hats are currently in fashion

Northmen Culture

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