Politics of Northreach

Treatise Politicus ach Northreache

There are several sognificant political factions in Northreach covering most of the political spectrum.

Northmen for Northreach (NMN)

They are nationalistic and hawkish. Also the ruling party for most of the war. They support exclusive citizenship but support mostly equal legal protection. They also want to increase national programs, city services, and military strength paid for by taxes.

The People’s Voice

This radical faction supports citizenship for all residents of Northreach as well as the abolition of noble titles and the nationalization of many industries.

Justice, Prosperity, and Development party (JPD)

This party is a new one, but already has a lot of support. They propose expanding citizenship to non-citizen business owners. They also want to cut taxes and privatize or cut some city services. They want to decrease military spending, but buff up law enforcement budgets.

Coalition of Concerned Citizens (CCC)

This faction, composed of very conservative citizens is mostly concerned with cultural purity and religion. They push for state support of the church and religious laws to be codified. They also want immigration quotas.

Politics of Northreach

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