Boris Kozlov

Glorious Comrade of Bears


Boris is a burly, bearded warrior from the mountains, who never leaves without his bear fur ushanka on his head and carved wooden vodka bottle (in the shape of a bear totem) around his neck. He wears a traveling fur coat and is armed with a dwarven-made halberd and several spears and javelins strapped to his back.


Boris was raised by dwarves in the mountains to the south. He always felt different, as he believed in giving to the poor and being charitable, as well as generally rejecting money. This made him clash with his greedy dwarven superiors, and he eventually helped lead a revolt of lower class dwarves in the Miner’s Union to victory and equal rights.

Boris, having done what he felt was his duty, then left the dwarves. His craving for the wilderness after being stuck in the claustrophobic mines made the decision for him. On his way out of exiting the mines, he stumbled upon an innocent juvenile bear, which he easily slew. When he killed this bear, the bear spirit Ursa appeared to him and demanded that hey repent for his sin by going to the northern reaches of the continent and build a memorial to the bear he slew and Ursa.

When Boris reaches the edge of the taiga and subarctic regions in the wilderness, he will build a traveler’s lodge- an inn, tavern, farm, shop, hearth, and home- as well as the memorial to bears, in hope of atoning for his sins and providing a friendly rest stop for other explorers of the Wilds.

Boris Kozlov

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