Henry Fisher

Drunken sailor and part-time tattoo artist.


General Appearance

He appears to be in his early to mid 30’s with tan leathery skin that betrays a life of hard outdoor work, and hazel eyes one deep blue and one lime green eye that betray a jovial nature. He is well built with short salt and pepper hair, and a similarly colored beard that looks like it hasn’t been trimmed for several weeks- is freshly shaved-. He has several small scars that you can see on his face and arms. You can also make out a tattoo of a boar’s head with arrows sticking out of the neck. There is an inscription above it that says “R.H.S Razorback”, and dwarfish script below the tattoo.
(Note the tattoo is on the forearm not upper arm)

Clothing and Gear

He can be seen wearing well worn leather armor (two shoulder guards and a chest-piece), over a tattered pair of clothes. On the right shoulder of the armor there is what looks like a freshly stitched on piece of fabric. The common clothes look like they’ve been through hell. They consist of a pair of black pants that are tucked into black boots, and a white white and red stripped linen shirt under a deep blue jacket with gold trimming and sleeves that extend to his elbows. The clothes have various tears, burn marks, and stains from old and fresh blood He has recently purchased new clothes, and had his jacket tailored His clothes once again show the wear and tear of a man who frequents the wilds, and his heavy jacket for the winter weather is jaggedly cut around his waist. He is also loaded down with various weapons. These include a longbow and harpoon strapped to his back, a handaxe in a holster on either thigh, a long sword on his left hip, a rapier on his right hip, a dagger in either boot, and a marlin spike attached to a loop on his armor. and an axe in his hand wresting over his shoulder


He can be found in The Rusted Cup sitting in what looks like the nicest chair in the bar, and either drinking, giving a customer a tattoo, involved in a bar fight, or most likely some combination of the three two.

He as become somewhat of a figure at The Rusted Cup, and anyone who is a regular has heard their fair share of his tall tales or more interestingly when he and Hoxton Merryweather have pissing contests with their probably false TOTALLY TRUE stories.

He seems to be somewhat depressed recently

He as finally returned from the church after spending three days there after his latest adventure.


General Information

  • He is obviously a Sailor of some sort
  • Maybe a pirate? He as said multiple times that he was never a pirate and seems to take offense at the suggestion
  • People are talking about how he fought and seriously wounded Crazy Gregg
  • He is known for making a small business of sorts inside The Rusted Cup giving tattoos
  • The prices seem very flexible
  • People have been talking about how he was the one to find the thief who robbed The Butchered Drake
  • Brags about having killed a Kracken with nothing but a dagger and using its ink to complete a tattoo on his chest.
  • Brags about being able to drink anyone under the table
  • Says hes almost totally impervious to poison
  • Rumor has it if he offers you “Ink-cleaner” to say no
  • Recently when he’s been getting drunk he has been somewhat vocal about “Missing me boat”, and then breaking into a (rather sad) sea shanty in either Common or Orcish.
    *Henry seems to be in rather high spirits as of recent.
  • Henry has recently been seen with a dog hanging around him.
  • Henry and the dog (Cog) have both recently bathed and Henry has shaved.
  • Henry says his new eyes are a side effect of his recent stay at the church.
  • Henry has not been seen not wearing his new jacket, despite the toasty nature of the rusted cup during the winter.
  • Henry has been seen either reading some odd book, or writing between his tattooing sessions. Strangely intellectual pursuits for such a dense man.

Nothing else is generally known about him.

Henry Fisher

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