Hygleac Dagur Solvsol

King Hygleac, King and Chief of the Solvsol, father, friend, and hero to the Goliath. He-warrior above all (in) heroic deeds, defender against evil. Hail to you Cloud-Blessed-One!


Hygleac is the “king” of the Solvsol tribe, a tribe of Goliath found well away from most “civilized” society.

Hygleac himself is tall in comparison to his kind, who stand on average 7 feet to 8 feet in height, as he himself is at 8’6" (259.1 cm). His head is bald, shaven in the typical style of his race. His grey skin is marked with tattoos in blue and red inks, these markings would appear to have a great deal of cultural significance. Beyond his ink, Hygleac’s body shows the testaments to his many trials through its extensive scarring. Across his face are gashes, his hands healed cuts, his arms and legs the remnants of tooth and arrow, and his torso the remnants of spear, claw, arrow, axe , sword and oh so much more. His imposing figure is menacing at 350 lbs (113 kg); it’s all muscle. The great King on the Mountain is clean shaven.

Hygleac carries with him great knowledge and understanding. On him are either his travelling clothes, done in a typical Goliath fashion or his chainmail. At his side are his war hammer and a back of javelins, and across his back, a great sword.

King Hygleac is a proud “man” having many deeds (as any good Goliath) to show that he is worthy of respect. He is a folk hero.


Hygleac Kong, Kongr ondi forer Solvsolens vader, venn, hetja allur Goliatur. Han-krigga, glang allt wer hetjeo verkum, forvarum gegn maug. Helsingen du Skyeblassuthet!” – from the Tale of King Hygleac.

Hygleac, son of Sorting, son of Frothi, son of Guthlof, was given the name Hygleac by his father Sorting, his name Dagur granted by his grandfather, Chief of the Solvsol. Although Hygleac’s grandfather was the King of the Solvsol, a great (unusually large) tribe of Goliath, his father was but a hunter of moderate respect. This prompted Hygleac and so In his youth Hygleac was a promising and ambitious child. Day in and day out he worked to become a great warrior, and day out he wrestled, he boxed, he played goat-ball, and climbed the cliffs of the mountains. Sport was very important in his development as it both taught him discipline and built his strength!

The first of Hygleac’s many feats was cliff-racing Jarnhjerte (champion of all the Goliaths). Not only did the proud and boisterous Hygleac challenge jarnhjerte to such a race, but, he issued challenge to him to climb the near smooth Ice Cliffs of the north. Hygleac and Jarnhjerte raced for many hours, Jarnhjerte in the lead to Hygleac the entire time…until the final descent where Jarnhjerte knew deep down he would strip the boastful Hygleac of his honor. At this moment, Hygleac knew that he would surely lose and thus let loose his grip on the scant stones and ledges of the cliff-face, falling to the ground below. Before Jarnhjerte knew what had happened, the young Hygleac with bleeding back was pronounced the victor. Another of Hygleac’s feats, as well as his most famous, was his slaying of the Storfrygte, a giant beast which terrorized the Goliath of the Blahaug tribe.

For many days, the Storfrygte would wreak its havoc among the Blahaug, each song-filled night it went to to tribe to slay some of its number. After many nights, King Gillhond of the Blahaug sent word to the Solvsol of their plight. None of the Solvsol answered the call for they all knew that no glory would be had, and so Hygleac rose to the challenge, donning only his mail and blade he left for the distant tribe.

After meeting with Chief Gillhond, the young warrior came to his plan. That night the beast would come and that night, it would be slain not with blade, nor with bludgeoning, but the bare and naked hands of Hygleac, son of Sorting, son of Frothi, son of Guthlof. In the middle of the settlement he waited, singing and making joyful noise to attract the beast. This went on for hours until finally the screech came. In moments Hygleac was laid on his back grappling with the Storfrygte. The Storfrygte fought him hard and well, but the giant owlbear was no match for the naked strength of Hygleac of Solvsol. The death of the beast began with the wrenching of its foremost arm from its socket and the shattering of its skull by the warrior’s hands! Praise and celebration followed.

Shortly thereafter King Frothi was challenged to combat by Gandolfr, who won and became the new king of the Solvsol. Chief Gandolfr soon became a tyrant, ruling arbitrarily without respect to the tribal laws. The King was thus challenged by Hygleac who never received response. King Frothi thus instigated measures to bring the death of Hygleac.

The plot on his life was soon revealed to Hygleac by one who knew his family’s honor would not stand should the plot succeed and bid him to leave. This did not dissuade Hygleac as he once more issued challenge to King Gandolfr, who responded by forcing the tribe’s Lamentor to banish the young warrior.

In the wilderness Hygleac roamed until he found his way back to the Blahaug, where he gathered a small band of their warriors to wage war on the tyrant king Gandolfr. The news of Hygleac’s war amused and worried the Chief as he knew his forces were of greater number but worried of the affliction of his cowardice on the population. To remedy the situation Gandolfr urged a sacrifice to the many spirits and gods of the Sky, of the Land, and the Water. 12 goats were slaughtered in this venture.

In Blahaugsland, Hygleac too sacrificed to the Sky-Father, but not the other gods. Hygleac sacrificed a bird. Once the ritual was completed, Hygleac donned his mail and helm, and lead his band of men to Solvsoland to meet the forces of Gandolfr.

In the forest the two sides met, sword, axe, bow, and shield all ready to slay their foe. They charged. Their collective weights causing the ground to shake. Above them stood Hygleac and his impressive figure his great sword in hand. Gandolfr took notice and had his archers let loose, one arrow pierced his left shoulder and another his stomach; he did not fall.

Quickly with great hatred in his eyes Hygleac soon set himself upon King Gandolfr. The two clashed for what seemed days until finally Gandolfr was struck down by the blade of Hygleac.

The death of Gandolfr, whose head would be skewered on a stick outside the walls of the settlement, granted Hygleac the title of King of the Solvsol (Kongr Solvsolens). For several years Hygleac served as king and chief of his tribe which grew to great proportions. Hygleac’s reign saw the Solvsol turn from their nomadic ways to a sedentary peoples and thus was bestowed the title Kongr Fjellanpa, the King on the Mountain. During his reign Hygleac grew bored, yearning for further glory and so he went into self-exile to seek further glory, never to remain in one place for too long. From here, the fame of the King on the Mountain grew greater as he performed many more feats, none of which he deemed to be great enough.

And so, Hygleac, son of Sorting, son of Frothi, son of Guthlof, found his way to the city of Northreach…

Hygleac Dagur Solvsol

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