The March Wardens

The March Wardens were founded in the year 724 of the Third Era by Balinor Cadeyrn, a ranger from Saxet, and were charged with the protection of the roads and villages that lay beyond the northern walls of Northreach.

Though Balinor attempted to garner support from the political factions of Northreach, the only group that seemed genuinely interested in his project was the People’s Voice; a group which, unfortunately, lacked the influence to aid him. As a result, Balinor was forced to recruit complete novices from the outlying villages themselves in an attempt to bolster the Warden’s ranks with people willing to brave the Wilds for the sake of protecting others.

After the Fall of Northreach on Frandel of 724, the Wardens were among the first to join the Northreach Resistance. This faction, dedicated to reclaiming the city for the people and casting Tiamat’s forces back into the Nine Hells, took up residence in an empty mine two days north of the city in early 725. The Wardens provided reconnaissance support, as well as food and supplies for the fledgling organization during the early days.

Under the command of Balinor, the Wardens were trained as scouts and skirmishers, and were expected to be able to fend for themselves in the Wilds with no outside assistance. In addition, their training regimen placed significant emphasis on planning ambushes and utilization of guerrilla tactics. Typically wearing light armor and armed with both swords and longbows, the Wardens would come to be regarded as some of the best archers in the North.

The Wardens were selective in their recruiting, requiring both great skill and stout hearts in their initiates. At the organization’s height, it never consisted of more than 30 members who wore the Hawk Pin. This number can be deceptive, however, as the Wardens had a number of members who served in support roles, including the sorcerer Mason Range.

Notable Members:
Captain Balinor Cadeyrn
Mason Range

The March Wardens

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